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Healthcare worker upskill

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Purpose of the Program

The aim of the program is to provide a benefit to both the Frail care Facilities and the Carers who are attending the program.  The program will introduce Carers to the various aspects of Frail care and Elderly care in both an institutionalised facility (Frail care centre), assisted-living and home-based health care in general.

This benefit is described as follows:

Benefits to the Carer

The Carer has already undergone a basic Care worker course through an accredited training provider.  Attending of the Carer upskilling course will afford these carers a more favourable opportunity to be placed on future assignments at Clients of the Company following attendance of the theoretical and practical training. The program will consist out of relevant topics within the Frail Care and Elderly Care environment and this will ensure a more focused approach.

Benefits to the Frail Care Facilities

Quality training is provided to Carers in the Frail care and Elderly Care field, resulting in quality carers in the workplace.  This will increase Clients experience with the added benefit of up-skilled staff within their facilities and homes, with resultant improvement in service delivery.

Specific Outcomes and Aims of the Course

The Carer will demonstrate adequate knowledge related to:

  • basic knowledge of disease and disability of the frail and elderly Client
  • Assistance in the management of the Client’s condition and treatment
  • Assistance with mobility and the prevention of complications
  • Identification when to refer a Client for medical intervention by a Healthcare Provider
  • 2 Days theoretical training, 1 day practical training and 1 day practical evaluation
  • A Carer manual which includes material of topics addressed during the training and to serve as reference during and after the course attendance
  • Allmed Name badge
  • Coffee & Tea
  • An attendance certificate following successful attendance of all three days training as well as completion of the evaluation phase in the Clinical environment.

Carers who register to attend the up-skilling program will be required to pay the full course fee prior to attending the Course.

What is the Duration?

The Carer Upskilling program consists out of three (3) days, which includes two (2) days classroom training and one (1) day practical training and (1) day practical evaluation.

The training will commence from 08:00 until 16:00 (8 hours) each day.

Practical program

The one day practical program will include demonstration of procedures related to theoretical topics covered during the two days theory training.  This will include:

  • Basic Life Support and First Aid Principles
  • Infection control measures – hand washing, handling of disposable and non-disposable waste products
  • Safe handling of a patient during mobilization activities
  • Record keeping & documentation
  • Medication management & administration


The practical program will be followed by placement of the attendees at suitable host facilities where carers would be able to practice the skills learned during the program.  This placement will be in the Carer’s own time (i.e. unpaid) and based on structured

approach and in agreement with various participating Clients.  A maximum of 4 Carers per host facility will be placed on a single day and only following agreement with the Nursing Manager of the specific facility.  The Carers duties will be performed under the direct and indirect supervision of the Clinical Training Specialist (CTS) and/or Nursing Manager of the Client.  An evaluation instrument will be completed to serve as evidence of the acquired skills.  The duration of the evaluation period will be completed within two days.

What are the entrance requirements?

This course is aimed at the carers who have completed their basic Care worker training at an accredited training provider. They have applied for registration through Allmed Nursing Agency with the further prospect to be placed on assignments at our Clients.

The carers have however not successfully attained the minimum requirements for registration according to the Company’s recruitment and selection process.  This could be due to not attaining 70% pass mark in the AHASA Knowledge Assessment test, or might not have suitable working experience.  This course will also benefit Carers who have completed a Community based carer program with focus areas of HIV & AIDS or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, however this knowledge (and working experience) is not applicable knowledge areas in caring for the Frail and Elderly persons.

The program will further be introduced to currently working Carers to serve as upskilling and staff development, in line with the Company’s staff training and development policy.

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