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Home-based healthcare worker

Home Care Frail Care

Allmed Healthcare Professionals place nursing-and care staff to work at various Clients within the Healthcare industry of both public and private facilities, including private homecare Clients.  It has become evident that there is a growing health care need amongst frail and elderly persons in South Africa and who requires acute and chronic institutional care, such as in geriatric and palliative care facilities.  This care is further extended to frail and elderly persons in the general home environment due to an ever-increasing ageing population, who requires assistance with activities of daily living, however prefer to receive this care and support in the comfort of their own home environment.

Allmed Healthcare Professionals has further identified a need for a Carer program which will specifically address the requirements of staff that are placed at these Clients within the institutional-based and home-based environments.  In the light of the majority of Healthcare workers who apply for registration through Allmed, produce a Community-based Care worker certificate where a large focus is placed in this curriculum on community diseases, including HIV/AIDS and care for persons with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), it became clear that the need for the development of such a program is a reality. Allmed has therefore requested that Allmed Training Academy develop a customized Institutionally-based and Home-based Care worker program.

Purpose of the Program

The essential purpose of this program is to provide training to candidates that will enable them to function as a Health Care worker in an institutional setting (i.e. Frail care or Old Age Nursing Home) in both private and public health care environments.  The program will embed the necessary skills and knowledge required to take on the responsibilities of a Care worker in caring for frail and elderly persons.  Successful completion of the program will also enable the Care worker to undertake activities of daily living (ADL) in caring for frail and elderly persons in the general home environment.  It develops competencies required to provide a comprehensive home-care service in a manner that has regard for life and property.

Benefits to the Career

The curriculum lay-out and content is designed to equip the attendee with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies required by a Healhcare worker to care for patients in Frail care institutions as well as caring for frail and elderly patients in their home environment.

Attending of the Institutionally-based and Healthcare worker Program will afford these candidates with a more favourable opportunity to be placed on assignments at Clients of the Company following attendance of the theoretical and practical training.    The program will consist out of relevant topics within the Frail Care and Elderly Care environment and this will ensure a more focused approach.

Benefits to the Frail care facilities

A customized program is offered to candidates who could be selected for placement on assignments in the Institutionalized Care facilities, i.e. Retirement Villages, Frail Care homes and in the Homecare setting.

It further provides insight knowledge of the candidates’ commitment during the program to:

  • achieve and exceed in the requirements of the care program,
  • demonstrate reliability and loyalty through the candidate’s attendance profile (either during the theory or practical program

Quality training is provided to Candidates for future employment in the Frail care and Elderly Care field, resulting in quality Carers being placed at these Clients.  This will increase the Clients experiencing the added benefit of quality staff within their facilities and homes, with resultant improvement in service delivery.

There will further exist greater credibility in the pool of Carers, as evidenced and evaluated skills and knowledge will be known related to competency and skills levels of the Candidates who have successfully completed the program.  Candidates will also be required to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) which will serve as evidence of skills and competencies achieved prior to the Candidate applying for registration as a Healthcare worker through Allmed Healthcare Professionals.

Different branches, including Western Cape, Gauteng (Pretoria & Johannesburg) as well as Kwazulu-Natal.

Specific Outcomes and Aims of the Course

The candidate will demonstrate adequate knowledge related to:

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body
  • Assessment of the health status and needs of the patient
  • Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid procedures
  • Common and chronic illnesses and conditions
  • Implications for Care in Confusion and Dementia
  • Home-care practices (Palliative and Frail Care)
  • Nutrition and nutritional needs through the stages of life
  • Identify security, safety and environmental risks in the local environment
  • Maintain and implement ethical principles in accordance with Bill of Rights and the Patient Charter in line with the Older Persons Act.

What is the Cost?

The cost further includes the following:

  • Study material in the form of a Care Assistant Manual
  • Workbook for completion during theoretical and practical program and to serve as Portfolio of Evidence (POE)
  • Coffee & Tea on classroom days
  • An attendance certificate following successful attendance and achieving outcomes of Institutionally-based and Healthcare Worker Program

The cost excludes the following:

  • Transport cost to and from the training venue and Clinical facilities where practicals will be undertaken
  • Professional Indemnity cover membership through Indemnus, currently at R340/year (March until February)
  • Uniform

What is the Duration?

The Program will be over a 12 week period, including 4 weeks classroom (theory) training and 8 weeks practical training through placement of candidates in the clinical setting at Clients of Allmed Healthcare Professionals.

What are the entrance requirements?

  • Candidate will be in possession of a Senior Certificate which will ensure that the recognition of prior learning is in place, i.e.:
  • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 3
  • Communication at NQF Level 3.
  • Certified Copies of Identity Document
  • Security Clearance / Police Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Competence in end-user computing is strongly recommended.

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