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Signs that your Parents need Home Care

One of the many questions children ponder about is how they will take care of their parents’ well-being as they age. For this reason, you may want to live with your parents in your home and watch over them to ensure they are well. However, before you conclude that your parents need special care, there are some signs you must watch out for that indicate they can no longer cope without assistance. Unfortunately, living with a parent requiring special care doesn’t work for all families.

In such a case, outside assistance could be an alternative. Outside assistance either means getting a helper at home or joining assisted living care.

Here are some signs that could tell your parents need assisted living care or other options

They forget to take their medication

At some point, you may realize your parents keep on missing their doses, overdosing, or forgetting to renew their prescription. Such actions can lead to some serious medical problems. Ageing comes with numerous health conditions and seniors can have multiple prescriptions to treat or manage their medical issues. Therefore, some assistance is needed to ensure they never run out of prescription and also take their medication on time.

Poor car maintenance 

If your parents used to drive without issues and suddenly they seem to forget to pay traffic tickets, then some questions should rise. You may also notice they no longer maintain their car as they used to, especially when you start noticing new dents and scratches on the car. All these are signs that your parents could be losing their driving capability.

As parents age, they may tend to have blurry vision, which could lead to driving difficulties. Also, may they have challenges maintain driving speed or merging with traffic flow? All these factors could lead to accidents.

Missing appointments

Once your parent starts missing or forgetting appointments, it could be memory loss signs or time management difficulties. If it isn’t caused by lack of transportation means, then its time your parent received special attention. Sometimes they may just be bored and need a travel companion.

Getting lost

Memory issues are the main reason for most people losing their way. This condition is common with seniors and requires someone to watch over them. If you notice dementia signs from your parents, it may be time to keep a watchful eye. Dementia causes one to forget places they were once familiar with including bedrooms, washrooms and so on.

Ragged appearance  

You may notice something amiss in your parents’ life if they wear the same clothes for days, have unkempt hair, or unpleasant body odor. Sometimes you may find them putting on clothes that don’t rhyme with the weather. Such may be neglect especially if they are weak to wash clothes or even comb their hair. Also, they may not take their bath due to fear and worrying about slipping and falling.


It may be a tough process to decide if your parents need in-home care, but worth it at the end of the day. For example, home nursing care Gauteng ensures seniors live with dignity, care, and assistance as they age gracefully. The above factors should direct you to whether your parents need assisted care or not.