Allmed is registered with the board of healthcare funders to enable medical aids to assist with the tariff

Allmed Health Professionals

Post-operative care can reduce complications and support recovery

Post-operative care begins immediately after surgery. The type of post-operative care you need depends on the type of surgery you have, as well as your health history. It often includes pain management and wound care.

Post-operative care gives you peace of mind

It can be stressful when you or your loved one is admitted to the hospital, and we are at our most vulnerable when we return home. Plan ahead and organise post-operative care from someone that you can depend on. This will not only give you peace of mind, it will also reduce the likelihood of readmission.

A team approach with Allmed professionals

Whether you require a high level of care or  some minor support during your recuperation we are have a team who is here for you. Our post-operative care service will help to avoid moving you into a step-down facility.

Our services include assistance with:

  • Transport to and from hospital for appointments and check ups
  • Hospital discharge
  • Specialised nursing procedures like wound care
  • Rehabilitation to improve your functional level and reach a point needing a lower level of care or no care at all.

Post operative care will give you peace of mind. Contact us today!

Contact us today!

    Allmed Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation supports private individuals

    Allmed Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation provides temporary, contract or permanent placements for in-home care or live-in care to assist private individuals within the comfort of their own home.

    Our caregivers and nurses must undergo accredited training to ensure they’re able to perform their live-in or home care duties.

    The department of Social Development dictates that all carers involved in-home care be registered and need to have completed their Ancillary Healthcare course.

    Temporary placements

    Temporary placements enable you to fill a position as quickly as possible with a candidate who can fit in with your existing team and produce desired results immediately.  The benefits are:

    • Access to a reliable source of temporary candidates with the necessary skills, whenever you need them
    • Reduced employer liability as the assignee is employed by Allmed for the duration of the assignment
    • Daily routines can be maintained during the absence of key employees

    You can rely on Allmed to supply you with temporary candidates that are immediately productive, be-cause they have been carefully selected and inducted.  To further facilitate the process, Allmed handles all employer related statutory responsibilities to allow you to focus on your core business.

    Our starting point is to understand your company, and your requirements, to ensure we supply the right candidates with the right skills.

    All our candidates are carefully screened so that only top-quality candidates are registered. We attract and retain this high standard because we provide our assignees with a formal contract of employment, benefits and training, which ensures you have access to stable and motivated temporary candidates.

    Contract Placements

    Our contract placements services give you access to our database of experienced candidates with a wealth of knowledge, who would be able to step in and assist with minimal training and supervision.

    Bringing this kind of expertise on board for a flexible period of time offers you several benefits, such as:

    • Access to a reliable source of temporary and contract staff with the necessary skills and experience, whenever you need them.
    • Reduced employer liability as candidates are employed by Allmed for the duration of the assignment
    • Daily routines can be maintained during the absence of key employees
    • You will have the ability to flex your staff compliment depending on your requirements

    Permanent placements

    Our experienced team of recruiters will ensure they correctly match and source suitable candidates to become part of your team. We do this by accessing our extensive database of candidates. This allows us to perform a proactive search which we combine with networking within our infrastructure, advertising in local media, using social media and searching career websites that we subscribe to. We know that we may be one of many agencies working on a particular job specification, therefore we focus on responding quickly and effectively to your requirements by providing you with the top three CVs that best match the function.

    All candidates are subject to our rigorous screening process to ensure their skills, experience and personalities are right for your team.

    We take the opportunity to impress and add value to your business. Our service is transparent and measurable, and best of all, we deliver results.

    Scarce skill sourcing

    This method of recruitment allows for identification of professionals with specific skill sets and experience, who are often not available in the job market or on a database. Our results ensure:

    • Valuable resources are not wasted as you will have the right match the first time round
    • Candidates are identified by virtue of their reputation, skills, qualifications and experience
    • The search is conducted under strict confidentiality for both yourself and the candidate

    Allmed’s expertise and excellent track record of identifying top candidates in the healthcare industry, is testimony to our capability.  We base our ability to deliver results on relevant industry experiance, our strong networking base and pro-active research. Our professional and confidential approach has ensured that many professionals entrust their careers with us.

    Inter-related human resources support services

    As a specialist business division of Workforce Holdings Limited, Allmed has access to a wide range of specialised human resources support services, which can be integrated with our service offering to achieve a full-service solution. These services can also be acquired separately as follows:

    •    SETA accredited employee training
    •    Learnership and internship administration
    •    Legal and industrial relations services
    •    Employee health management services
    •    Payroll outsourcing solutions
    •    Employee support services include financial and mobile solutions, and lifestyle products.
    •    Automated time and attendance solutions

    Pay Rates:

    • Due to us providing staff to a wide range of clients, rates of pay vary according to the assignment and the number of hours worked.
    • Rates also vary according to whether you work a Sunday or a public holiday.
    • Your consultant will give you the rates when they discuss an assignment with you.
    • Only on receipt of a completed time sheet will we process payment.

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