Home Care Nurses are more than Just Visiting Nurses

Family hug, home care nurses are more than just visiting nurses>The best gift you can give to your senior loved ones is to help them live comfortably, healthy, and securely in their homes. Most seniors prefer staying out of nursing homes as they feel more love and warmth in their homes. As long as they receive emotional, physical, and mental care, the adverse effects of aging will reduce. Also, at times, a person’s health may go down, hence requiring long term care.

Family members can involve health experts to help manage the condition of their loved ones in the comfort of their homes. Continuous medical observation or therapies may require the help of an in-house nurse staying with you as you age. Read on to find out more about home care nurses.

Why senior loved ones may need the best care

Aging parents need more care in numerous areas of their lives, which is not always an easy task. This is where home care nurses come in. They give the best attention while you keep your relationship with your senior loved one.

Why home health nurses?

You can call them in-home nurses, health caregivers, or health care experts. Whichever name you choose, they are educated and certified to ensure you receive home-based care for your loved one. These nurses are registered, licensed and practical. Their work is to offer skilled nursing care while at the comfort of your homes.

The job of a home health nurse

In-house nurses are trained to administer medications. They give injections as well as monitoring your loved one’s health progress. Also, they offer long-term care to patients with numerous conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, wound care, and blood presure, among others. Home health nurses not only treat seniors but also care for the disabled, and chronically ill at the comfort of their homes.

A home health nurse will ensure you get your medication, check-ups, treatments, and therapies on time. You will also get assistance with necessary living activities from in-house nurses like eating, dressing, personal hygiene, and so on.


There are some activities like showering that only private caregivers can assist. For example, private duty caregivers can help in activities involving daily living (ADLs). Only that they can’t offer medical care. These types of caregivers provide non-medical services like preparing meals, cleaning, grooming, and accompanying clients to appointments, and much more.

Private caregivers can only open medications but not administering. Also, they are allowed to remind clients of their medication schedule. But medical conditions requiring specialized attention means getting a home health nurse to give you long-term health support at the comfort of your home.

If you have a loved one in the hospital, you know how stressful it can be. That’s the reason many healthcare institutions are providing home care nursing services. These services enable people to recover and lead healthy and happy lives in their golden years at the comfort of their homes. Anytime you want better health care for your senior loved one, do not hesitate to contact us for an in-home caregiver. Your loved one will be happy, secure, and healthy!