Compliance with legislation

Allmed has access to its holding company’s in-house legal and industrial relations department, which is manned by highly qualified staff who are on hand to provide legal advice to our own staff and to our clients, if required, specifically in respect of procedural advice associated with retrenchments and staff contracts.

Allmed Healthcare Professionals is registered with the Department of Labour as a private employment office.  Our in-depth knowledge of the requirements and legal implications involved in administering staff ensures we are able to offer our clients a professional and legally compliant service. We strive to ensure that all aspects of Basic Conditions of Employment, as well as Labour Relations, are adhered to at all times.

CCMA representation

In respect to the Joint and Several Liability Clause of the Labor Relations Act, Allmed is able to offer clients the advantage of automatic membership to the Resolution Employers’ Organisation, without the requirement of paying membership fees. This organisation has been established for the purpose of representing our clients in legal actions which fall under the ambit of the Labor Relations Act, 66 of 1995 (LRA), and where such actions involve employees and/or contract employees who have been assigned by Allmed to its clients. The advantage of this membership is that you can be represented at the CCMA without incurring legal costs where such actions involve employees and/or contract employees of Allmed Healthcare Professionals.


We have a level 1 B-BBEE rating, which enables you to account for 110% of your procurement spend with us on your B-BBEE scorecard.


ANASA conducts an audit to ensure all their members are compliant & ethical.