TES providers critical in fulfilling a growing need for quality caregivers for the elderly in South Africa

By Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals The latest population figures show that there are 5.3 million elderly people living in South Africa and at 8.7% of the total population, this is the highest ratio of elderly people on the continent. According to UN research, this percentage will double by 2050, which indicates the

Opinion Piece: TES providers have a major role to play in providing home care – now subsidised by Medical Aids

By Donald McMillan, MD of Allmed The Covid-19 pandemic saw an increased demand for hospital beds which resulted in a shortage of medical resources to handle other infirm patients and ensure their recovery. To help counter this shortage, medical aids are providing cover options for professional homecare services. While this will ensure that patients requiring

Home Care Nurses are more than Just Visiting Nurses

The best gift you can give to your senior loved ones is to help them live comfortably, healthy, and securely in their homes. Most seniors prefer staying out of nursing homes as they feel more love and warmth in their homes. As long as they receive emotional, physical, and mental care, the adverse effects of

Home-Based Care Nursing have Better Health Outcomes

Daily demands in many people's lives include work, home, and children as well as caring for the aging and the disabled. For this reason, families may struggle with emotional choices the care their loved ones may need. Making such decisions may involve physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, especially to family caregivers. Therefore, most families prefer

How home-based care can reduce hospitalization expenses

Home-based care programs are noble undertakings by healthcare institutions to enable patients to receive hospital-level care in the comfort of their homes. Also, home-based care nursing has flourished in countries with single-payer health systems but has been limited in other countries like the U.S., despite compelling evidence that well-monitored, home-based medication can be safer, less

Choosing between frail care and Medicare for your retired loved one

Choosing between frail care and Medicare for loved ones can present you with dilemmas and deadlocks in some cases as you seek to find what’s best for them. A valuation system takes into consideration some of the key factors in and around treatment to assist in reducing the burden of making this important decision. It

Trends: home care gets more clinical and specialized

Trends: home care gets more clinical and specialised Home care is traditionally viewed as more non-skilled, non-medical care, such as transportation, companionship or light housekeeping services. That perception has been shifting in the recent years, with several corporations touting launches of specialized care programs for common health risks such as heart failure, dementia and other complex

Signs that your Parents need Home Care

Signs that your Parents need Home Care One of the many questions children ponder about is how they will take care of their parents’ well-being as they age. For this reason, you may want to live with your parents in your home and watch over them to ensure they are well. However, before you conclude

10 Top Benefits of Homecare

Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.

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