Thank you messages from the nurses

“Hi there,thank u so much my Director  for the beautiful gift on nurses day.Its means alot to me and i wish Allmed all the best. This encourages us to work more harder for Allmed. To me,its the best agency. Although some people complain about their rates,its still No.1 bcz of  straight shifts from them. Once more,thank

International Nurses Day

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2022 AHASA Conference (28 Years of excellence)

Highlighting the value of the TES sector in healthcare through agility and cost-effectiveness

By Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals Once referred to as labour brokers, TES (Temporary Employment Service) providers historically had a bad reputation with regards to how they do business. Used as a stop-gap, labour brokers traditionally provided temporary placements (“temps”) to assist the healthcare sector during peak seasons or cover for another employee

Fluctuating demand for healthcare professionals – made easy with the right partner

By Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals Over the last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for healthcare professionals - from nurses to specialist doctors. Hospitals run efficiently and as a result, peaks and valleys occur due to the fluctuating admissions. Without agencies,

Boosting vaccine rollout and debunking Covid-19 myths

By Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals, and Dr Richard Malkin, MD at Workforce Healthcare Although 15.5 million South Africans are already fully vaccinated, this only accounts for 25.2% of our total population. In 2020, herd immunity for South Africa was initially estimated at 67% but this was before the emergence of variants. As

Kaya FM Interview

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TES providers critical in fulfilling a growing need for quality caregivers for the elderly in South Africa

By Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals The latest population figures show that there are 5.3 million elderly people living in South Africa and at 8.7% of the total population, this is the highest ratio of elderly people on the continent. According to UN research, this percentage will double by 2050, which indicates the

Opinion Piece: TES providers have a major role to play in providing home care – now subsidised by Medical Aids

By Donald McMillan, MD of Allmed The Covid-19 pandemic saw an increased demand for hospital beds which resulted in a shortage of medical resources to handle other infirm patients and ensure their recovery. To help counter this shortage, medical aids are providing cover options for professional homecare services. While this will ensure that patients requiring

Home Care Nurses are more than Just Visiting Nurses

The best gift you can give to your senior loved ones is to help them live comfortably, healthy, and securely in their homes. Most seniors prefer staying out of nursing homes as they feel more love and warmth in their homes. As long as they receive emotional, physical, and mental care, the adverse effects of

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