The digital nurse: redefining the future of healthcare in South Africa

The South African healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the rapid advancement of technology. At the forefront of this change is the rise of the "digital nurse," a testament to the increasing integration of technology into the nursing profession. This transformation is not only streamlining processes; it is addressing critical challenges like

Specialist TES providers optimising healthcare operations – a prescription for patient care success

By Sandra Sampson, Director at Allmed The healthcare sector in South Africa is beset with numerous challenges, ranging from high turnover rates to skilled staffing shortages and complex regulations in addition to stressful working environments, and communication barriers. Despite these formidable obstacles, patients have the right to expect top-tier care from their medical facilities. Here,

Commemorating Carers Week: Putting the Spotlight on South Africa’s Unsung Heroes

By Donald McMillan, Managing Director at Allmed Healthcare Professionals The caregiving workforce plays a crucial role in our society, but their efforts often go unnoticed. These individuals, known as carers, selflessly care for those in need due to factors such as illness, age, or frailty. Unfortunately, they face numerous challenges that can take a toll

Allmed Healthcare Professionals Launches Cutting-Edge Pay Slip App Empowering Nurses

Allmed Healthcare Professionals, a leading healthcare agency, has launched its innovative Pay Slip App, designed to provide convenience and efficiency to its valued staff. The app, available for both Android and iPhone devices, revolutionises the pay slip distribution process, eliminating the need for staff to physically visit the office. The development of the Pay Slip


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The rise of affordable medical insurance – reaching the masses with quality healthcare services

By Sandra Sampson, Director at Allmed Healthcare Professionals With its two-tiered, highly unequal healthcare system, only 14.86% of South Africa’s population can currently afford private healthcare, and rising costs are making it difficult for many to keep paying their monthly medical aid premiums. There are plans to implement National Health Insurance (NHI) to fund healthcare

Solving South Africa’s nursing shortage is possible by partnering with Temporary Employment Service providers

By Sandra Sampson, Director at Allmed Healthcare Professionals Despite the fact that it was observed in 2010 that South Africa has a shortage of more than 44 700 professionals, nursing was only added to the critical skills list late in 2022. As an indication of how dire the shortage is, the supply of qualified personnel in

Managing director at Allmed, Donald Mcmillan interviewed

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Debunking myths about labour broking in South Africa’s healthcare sector

Donald McMillan, MD at Allmed Healthcare Professionals For many in South Africa, the term ‘labour broker’ often recalls negative thoughts. The practice of labour broking has a chequered past which has left a bad aftertaste for most. However, much of the opposition to the practice of labour broking comes from misunderstanding as to what it

Interview on Newzroom Afrika on the topic: Massive shortage of nurses in South Africa

  In South Africa there is a severe shortage of nurses. With one nurse to every 213 patients, this is a grim situation. The health minister, Mr Joe Phaahla, spoke earlier in the month and indicated that there is a 3 to 1 ratio of doctors to patients in South Africa. Donald McMillian, MD of

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