10 Top Benefits of Homecare

The homebased solution for all your needs

When you’re posed with the challenge of how best to look after a loved one in need, it’s very easy to let unjust feelings of guilt, shame, or heartache take control. While you want them to maintain their sense of home and independence, they need to be kept safe so that everyone can sleep better at night. Allmed’s homecare and frail care solutions are the ideal solution for any South African family. No matter if your loved one suffers from a chronic condition, is at an at-risk age, or has been recently discharged from hospital, we can supply the personalised solutions needed to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

If you’d like to learn more about the copious benefits to homecare, have a look at our ten favourite reasons for employing an Allmed homebased care giver.

  1. No matter if your loved one is being cared for in theirs or your own home, an Allmed care giver grants you the freedom to continue working and living your life as you normally would. Such arrangements often mean less stress for everyone involved and more loving relationships all-round.
  2. Allmed homecare professionals provide peace of mind as they’re trained to ensure their resident’s living space is safe and secure, from placing a rug on a slippery floor to ensuring adequate support in bathrooms. Now you don’t have to worry over your loved one attempting to live in a dangerous environment.
  3. An Allmed homebased caregiver allows adults to receive assistance with their activities of daily living. Bathing, grooming, proper eating, medication reminders and more are often neglected when a person in need is left without support.
  4. Professional support at home is supplied by highly trained Allmed nurses and caregivers. A homebased caregiver is less of a babysitter? and more of a qualified, trained professional with high knowledge of medical conditions, ensuring your loved one’s complex medical concerns are looked after.
  5. Weakened health due to malnutrition is a rampant and serious concern among the frail and elderly. Adults age 65 and older, people with chronic conditions, and those recently discharged from a hospital or nursing facility are often nutritionally at-risk. An Allmed caregiver will ensure that your loved one is receiving the food and nourishment they need to stay healthy and gain back their strength.
  6. When your loved one is on multiple medication prescriptions, how certain are you that they have been correctly taking their proper dosages? An Allmed caregiver has trained medical experience and will ensure that the correct medications are being taken at the correct times, preventing harmful drug interactions.
  7. If your loved one lives alone, an Allmed caregiver can fill the role of a much needed companion for when you’re unable to be present. Allmed homebased caregivers can become trusted friends for walks, reading, cards, games, movies, meals, and other social activities. Accompaniment on errands such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, and other activities are also added benefits.
  8. An Allmed homebased caregiver can help your loved one with light household chores. Simple acts such as doing the laundry, vacuuming, doing dishes, can keep your loved ones living environment safe, healthy and homely.
  9. As opposed to old age homes or large care facilities could be dangerous painting these facilities in a negative light, Allmed homebased caregivers provide unique one-on-one focus and support. Providing the truly personal touch, homebased caregivers consistently monitor their patient’s health, observing them in their own environment and therefore able to offer better treatment advice.
  10. Allmed homebased caregiver solutions can be more affordable than you might imagine. Allmed offers various options, from full-time care to occasional visits. Speak to us today to learn more about how our solutions can help your loved ones feel safe, cared for and comfortable.

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